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Urban Automotive, one of the high-end car modification brands, has unveiled its projections for the most popular modification trends for 2024

The bespoke modification industry has experienced a surge in growth in recent times due to the rising demand for one-of-a-kind and customised vehicles. This trend is expected to continue beyond 2024 as car personalisation becomes increasingly sought after as people look for that ultimate unique and personalised car.

Urban Automotive is one of the suite of modification companies for high-end vehicles and has seen huge growth in recent times.

Alloys with a flat face

An increasingly popular choice in the US and gradually making its way onto British streets, flat-faced forged alloy wheels add a touch of retro flair to custom builds.

Platinum Motorsport, located on Melrose Avenue in LA, is known for its modification and styling services. Their client list boasts high-profile names like Kim Kardashian, who recently chose to enhance her new Urban Automotive Range Rover with a set of 24-inch custom forged Cactus Jack x Forgiato wheels.

The distinct wheel may be a topic of disagreement, but it undeniably catches the eye. Additionally, its flat-front design serves to improve aerodynamics.

Vinyl wraps in soft, pastel hues

Although satin black remains a widely chosen option for vehicle vinyl wrap, there has been a noticeable shift in fashion preferences. Those who are ahead of the curve are leaning towards a pastel color scheme in 2024.

Yiannimize, the top car customisation expert and partner of Urban Automotive, recently gave Premier League footballer Jack Grealish’s Lamborghini Performante Urus a makeover by changing its original black color to a stunning Tiffany Blue hue.

According to Yianni Charalambous, CEO of Yiannimize, the evolution of wrap trends has been observed over time. Initially, there was a demand for extravagant chrome, iridescent, and vibrant hues favored by celebrities and athletes. However, as wrapping has become commonplace, more subdued shades such as satin black and matte metallic grey have risen in popularity.

Lately, there has been a rise in customers selecting bolder shades, particularly soft pastels that are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, we will still have the traditional dark and matte colors that are considered timeless, but it is refreshing to witness our clients embracing innovative concepts as well. We anticipate this trend to continue throughout 2024.

Not just modifiers, but also prominent luxury car brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley have caught onto the trend. For example, Rolls-Royce now offers a bold Sagano Green paint option, while the Bentley Continental boasts an all-new Jetstream Blue hue.

The interiors are full of light and vibrant

As the demand for pastel exterior colors increases, we can expect bold and vivid interior designs to be in high demand as well in 2024.

Urban Automotive has collaborated with Absolute Motors, a European company, to modify the Mercedes G-Class Widetrack of kick-boxing champion Rico Verhoeven. The interior was modified with a custom teal blue retrim, creating an eye-watering contrast to the subtle exterior color. In their next project, Urban Automotive plans to expand upon this concept and showcase it in 2024.  In person I hope it looks better than in the images.  Not to my personal taste!

Builds that take inspiration from heritage

The trend of restomod-style alterations has significantly increased in popularity in recent years, blending classic aesthetics with modern features. Within Urban Automotive’s Signature Series, there are typically one or two projects that draw inspiration from heritage designs. It is anticipated that the demand for these types of vehicles will persist in 2024.

In March 2023, Urban Automotive unveiled their unique version of Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary Edition Defender. Boasting a carbon fibre vented bonnet, Urban Cast ‘UC-4’ wheels featuring Grasmere Green pin striping, and its iconic spoiler and light bar, this modern take on the New Defender has gained significant traction among customers in both 90 and 110 bodystyles.

The stunning material known as carbon fibre brings a striking visual element to any object it adorns.

At this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas, it was clear that the use of carbon fibre is still on the rise. Many showcased vehicles featured exposed naked carbon body panels to make a strong visual impact, demonstrating the focus of Urban Automotive kits.

While visual carbon fibre has a long-standing presence in the automotive industry, Urban Automotive remains at the forefront of innovation as they enter 2024. Through their utilization of novel finishes and methods, they are continuously expanding possibilities. Furthermore, their on-site carbon fibre production center offers customers the opportunity to design a distinctive appearance that aligns with their personal preferences.

Simon Dearn, owner and head of design at Urban Automotive, shared: “As creators of unique modifications for highly sought-after luxury cars, we constantly monitor emerging styles and trends to stay ahead of the curve. Our clientele includes influential figures who are unafraid to break convention and we take pride in delivering a personalized experience with the help of our trusted build partners worldwide.”

In short, I can personally say I’m more of a classic style and love seeing some of the great modifications people do to their cars, especially seeing the passion of the clubs around the UK in particular.  I’m not sure I’ll be selecting a modification that makes the interior so stark but each to their own!

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