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About Us

Passionate. Engaging.

The Masters of Motoring is part of a larger series of Classic & Performance Motor Shows around the UK run by Great British Motor Shows.

Great British Motor Shows hosts up to 15 events across the country, including Chatsworth House, Arley Hall, Ripley Castle and more with the Masters of Motoring being the pinnacle of the shows which, throughout the year, attract tens of thousands of people.  The goal is to create something engaging, fun and to focus on the Masters where the people, the cars and motorbikes have a story to tell and enjoy, not just to live in a museum.

My Philosophy

Motoring is a passion but we recognise the environmental challenges of today.  The business carbon offsets the work involved in running the shows to the point that it is carbon-negative.  We utilise Ecologi UK and Sustainable International Travel which we support their various international carbon off-setting schemes.   Ticket costs include a carbon-off setting element as well as supporting our chosen charity, Race Against Dementia which was founded by Sir Jackie Stewart, to help fund research into the various strands of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease to name. a few.  We are contributing a portion of every ticket sale in 2024 to this worthy cause.
The focus of the Masters of Motoring is to celebrate the true Masters, those people who designed them, the manufacturers, the drivers and the sports stars who have brought them to life for us all.   We will be celebrating each show creating a ‘Hall of Fame’ of the Masters.

“We are working hard to create something new and exciting, honouring the Masters of Motoring from our history, our present and looking ahead to the future.  I look forward to welcoming you all to the Masters as we begin a new chapter in motoring event history”

We are carbon-off-setting your visits and our operations to ensure all our shows are carbon-neutral – Find out more here.