The chosen charity for Great British Motor Shows is Race Against Dementia.

Race Against Dementia was established by the renowned three-time F1 World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE. As an iconic figure and passionate supporter of dementia research, Sir Jackie brings a dynamic energy to the organisation.

By selecting Race Against Dementia as its chosen charity, Great British Motor Shows will provide the chance for car enthusiasts to not only indulge their passion but also make a positive impact in finding solutions for dementia.

What is Race Against Dementia and its mission?

Race Against Dementia is a charity that supports innovative research on dementia. With over 55 million people affected globally, this condition leads to memory loss, cognitive decline, and loss of independence. The organization’s mission is to expedite the development of preventive measures and cures for all types of dementia.

The efforts of Race Against Dementia are in line with Great British Motor Shows’ dedication to creating a positive influence. Through collaboration with this significant charity, Great British Motor Shows and all attendees and exhibitors have the opportunity to increase awareness about dementia and make meaningful contributions towards research.

By purchasing tickets, attendees can help make a difference at the Great British Motor Shows. Each ticket sold will result in a donation to RAD, directly supporting their vital research efforts for Race Against Dementia.

“I am so delighted that Race Against Dementia has been chosen by Great British Motor Shows as its selected charity – it means a great deal to me. Dementia is an enormous problem which affects millions of people across the globe. One in three people born today will die with dementia. We need to accelerate dementia research and bring about change.  I want a cure to be found within my lifetime – this is the biggest challenge I have ever faced. 

So many thanks indeed to Great British Motor Sports and everyone attending their shows for joining the race against dementia!” – Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE

Additional collaborations with non-profit organizations and environmental initiatives at the Great British Motor Shows.

At Great British Motor Shows, we strive to have a positive influence on both society and the environment. Along with backing Race Against Dementia, we also contribute to other charitable causes and groups that share our values and objectives. Some of these include Ecologi and Sustainable International Travel, which we have committed to carbon-offsetting all our show visits and exhibitors by 2024 in order to achieve carbon neutrality. Our support for these initiatives reflects our commitment to promoting sustainability and social responsibility in the automotive sector.

There are various ways for participants to get involved and show their support for the cause:

Contribute to the cause: A straightforward way to demonstrate your backing is by making a direct donation to Race Against Dementia. Your gift will help fund innovative research initiatives working towards discovering new treatments and ultimately, a cure for dementia. To donate £5, simply text GBMS to 70085.

By messaging the donation amount, you will be charged a standard network rate and agree to receive further communications from Race Against Dementia. To donate without receiving these updates, simply text GBMSNOINFO instead.

Enjoy the thrill of the automotive industry and support a worthy cause by attending Great British Motor Shows events. A percentage of ticket sales will benefit Race Against Dementia.