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Introducing Nova Motorsport, a new global brand set to transform, they say, the top-tier racing and high-performance tyres.

Paul Hallas, Managing Director of parent company SPC Rubber Group, has created a new company with a clear focus: crafting top-of-the-line competition and specialist tyres that provide unparalleled experiences and outstanding performance both on the racetrack and in everyday use. To ensure a successful start for the venture, a capable and knowledgeable commercial and technical team has been carefully assembled.

Utilizing a team of internationally renowned industry professionals, Nova Motorsport’s internal research and development sector strives to surpass current standards in customized tire technology and efficient product release. Our goal is to establish unprecedented levels of performance and customer satisfaction, solidifying our position as the preferred option for exclusive high-end car manufacturers, enthusiasts, and private collectors.

The goal of Nova Motorsport is to make its mark in the worldwide motorsport and racing community. Through a sole focus on these areas and their corresponding tire industries, the brand will utilize its specialized knowledge and skills to produce high-performance tires that will excel in even the most challenging racing environments.

Founder Paul Hallas explained that their strategy was to change the traditional marketing approach of the motorsport tyre business. They would do this by concentrating on producing low-volume racing and specialist tyres as their primary commercial offering. Their team, composed of experts from both the motorsport and tyre industries, had ambitious plans to introduce new and exciting products in the premium competition and specialist tyre market throughout the year. As a division of SPC, Nova Motorsport also had strong support from its parent company and new international business partners, allowing them to establish a global presence for their brand.

Recent additions to the team include Paul Coates, who brings a wealth of knowledge from his previous position as head of Avon Motorsport, where he spent over ten years. With an extensive background in various motorsport categories such as Formula 1, hillclimbing, rallying, and rallycross, Paul has a deep understanding of the industry.

According to Paul Coates, while many tyre manufacturers see the low-volume racing and specialist tyre sector as a way to boost their overall business, Nova Motorsport solely focuses on this niche. “This unique approach allows us to prioritize performance, quality, and customer service in all our products. With our team’s expertise, we can customize our tyres to meet the specific requirements of various racing categories. Furthermore, we are dedicated to continually investing in research and development to maintain our position as a leader in tyre technology for competition cars and high-performance vehicles”.