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We have more than 12 years of experience in events, 9 years in motoring events working with clients such as McLaren at the Geneva Motor Show.  Alongside this, as owners of event registration and ticketing solutions, we have experience of marketing and managing motoring events for clients with thousands of motoring fans. We also run and manage a growing series of classic and performance motor shows across the UK.

With a love for art in motion, a thrill and shared passion of power that only motoring can deliver, we are genuine fans, enthusiasts but also experienced directors (including non-executive directorships for international consultancies) and entrepreneurs with retail and business development experience totally more than 50 years. 

It all helps us make events that you’ll enjoy and we know that as we’ll be having just as much fun making it happen.

We’ve worked in event technology, helping some of the great names such as McLaren Automotive at the International Geneva Motor Show and continue to work with motor sports, classics and modern performance/modified car shows and events. That experience helps us get to what is important and fun about a great motoring event, be it a sports car, racing or classic motor show.

Get in touch to discuss your involvement or partnership with us.