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Introducing the newest addition to the Aston Martin family – the Vantage. As the ultimate sports car in their iconic lineup, this Vantage boasts unparalleled speed and precision the marque claims. With 74 years of heritage behind it, this model stays true to its roots, offering an unapologetically exhilarating driving experience that exudes pure performance. Every detail has been carefully crafted to inspire maximum confidence and deliver maximum thrills on the road.

Vantage is a modern take on a classic design, embodying the qualities that passionate fans have long admired. In today’s sports car industry, these traits are becoming increasingly rare. Thus, Vantage stands up for those who feel left out – those who crave heart-stopping power, precise handling, and the ideal harmony of a carefully-crafted front-engine, rear-wheel drive framework.

After the successful release of the praised DB12 Coupe and Volante last year, Aston Martin is now proud to introduce their new Vantage. This addition further solidifies the brand’s presence in the ultra-luxury and high-performance sports car market. Along with their prominent positions in the fields of ultra-luxury GT, SUV, and hypercars, as well as world championship motorsport, Vantage showcases Aston Martin’s commitment to delivering top-of-the-line vehicles.

The Vantage has a rich history that dates back to 1950, when it was first used as an upgraded engine package for the DB2 race car. In 1964, the Vantage name became a model designation for the high-performance version of the DB5, which became the flagship model. The standalone Vantage model was then introduced in the early 1970s and has since played a prominent role in Aston Martin’s line-up. Known for its impeccable style, unforgettable performance and unique character, Vantage embodies the sporting qualities that it has become renowned for.

The latest Vantage model embodies Aston Martin’s most energetic era yet. Not only is it a formidable competitor in the upcoming 2023 Formula One® season, but it also has a strong presence in international GT racing. With a long history of success as an endurance GT racer, the Vantage is now set to take on the challenge of winning the Le Mans 24 Hours race with the Valkyrie AMR in 2025, solidifying its position as a leading contender in the World Endurance Championship.

According to Aston Martin CEO, Amedeo Felisa, as the world of high-performance cars undergoes significant change, it is crucial to stay true to the values that make our brand legendary. The latest addition to our lineup, the Vantage, upholds this commitment with a focus on pure and explicit high-performance. Boasting unmatched power and speed, this sports car demonstrates its capabilities through a perfectly balanced front-engine rear-drive chassis and advanced technologies. Its striking design, completely redesigned interior, and state-of-the-art features solidify the Vantage as a world-class vehicle in every aspect.

Significant improvements in engine power result in an impressive increase in performance.

The latest Vantage boasts a highly modified 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine, making it the swiftest in the nameplate’s lineage. This beastly powertrain produces astonishing figures of 665PS and a whopping 800Nm of torque, representing the most significant leap in power and torque for this model. These impressive gains, equating to 30% more power and 15% more torque, set it apart from its predecessor.

The improved outputs are a direct result of comprehensive tuning done by Aston Martin engineers. This involved implementing redesigned cam profiles, adjusting compression ratios, installing larger turbos, and enhancing cooling. These changes have resulted in impressive new figures and produced an engine with a sharper, more visceral, and more vocal character.

Equipped with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, the two-seater sports car is capable of reaching a top speed of 202mph and accelerating from 0 to 60mph in just 3.4 seconds. The Final Drive Ratio has been shortened to 3.083:1, resulting in more powerful acceleration in each gear. Additionally, the transmission shift calibration has been carefully refined to enhance response and driving pleasure. This includes decreased shift speeds and customizable shift characteristics for each of the Vantage’s dynamic modes.



Included as standard, the Vantage boasts 21” forged alloy wheels that have been crafted with precision. Measuring 9.5J at the front and 11.5J at the rear, these lightweight wheels were meticulously designed using advanced simulation tools to eliminate any excess weight while maintaining durability and visual appeal. You can choose from three distinctive designs – the classic Five-Spoke, or opt for the edgier Multi-Spoke or Y-Spoke – all available in a variety of colors and finishes. Among them is the eye-catching Satin Bronze, a new addition inspired by DB12’s debut.

Streamlined and seamless design elements lend a striking and refined atmosphere to the Vantage cockpit, providing the driver with an expansive and lucid feel. The sleek air vents, seamlessly incorporated infotainment screen, and distinct grouping of controls on the lower part of the centre console all contribute to the functional splendor and tactile excellence of the new Vantage interior.

The luxurious interior is enhanced by the use of supple, aromatic Bridge of Weir hides, hand-stitched for a comfortable and indulgent feel. The driver-focused design elements, including the supportive sports seats and ergonomic layout, not only add convenience but also heighten the overall driving experience.

The Aston Martin Vantage comes equipped with a standard 390w 11 speaker audio system. This technology has been crafted with state-of-the-art components and includes a Surround sound option, enhanced by QuantumLogic® surround sound processing for a truly captivating auditory experience.

For avid music enthusiasts, the optional system crafted in collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins is sure to impress. Specifically designed to match the Vantage’s interior dimensions and layout, this remarkable system employs the same cutting-edge technologies and advances featured in Bowers & Wilkins’ highly esteemed top-of-the-line speakers.

The Vantage is set to enter production in Q1 of 2024, followed by initial deliveries in Q2 of the same year. As the second installment in Aston Martin’s Next Generation line of sportscars, the new Vantage raises the bar for driving purity, catering to those who thrive on the excitement and skill required to navigate a high-performance vehicle. Truly designed for real drivers and I look forward to hopefully doing a test drive in this later in the year.