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BAC and Sabelt have recently debuted a new line of advanced motorsport apparel. This exclusive collection includes a custom BAC racing suit, as well as racing boots, gloves, and fireproof undergarments. The selection perfectly embodies BAC’s signature design approach, harmoniously blending style and practicality.

Precision-crafted to perfectly align with the driver’s design vision and unique physique, the all-new BAC Bespoke race suit enhances the unparalleled on-road experience of the Mono supercar, fusing the driver and machine seamlessly as they hit the tracks or streets.

Crafted in collaboration with Sabelt, a renowned brand with a rich history in motorsports, the latest BAC suit boasts cutting-edge breathable and ergonomic materials. The inclusion of bi-stretch panels and top-of-the-line fire-retardant homologated printing reflects BAC’s commitment to lightweight engineering. In fact, this race suit is one of the lightest ever created, weighing just 265g/m2. Designed to keep the driver fully immersed in the exhilarating handling of their Mono supercar, it features advanced high-tech materials and structures. With full floating sleeves and pre-curved arms that reduce bunching, this suit ensures maximum performance on the track. Its sleek profile is complemented by ultra-thin stitching and an elegant honeycomb lining for a personalized fit.

The BAC Bespoke race suit, like all of BAC’s specialized creations, can be customized to the individual driver. It is available in a base white or black design with customizable accents that complement the driver’s other BAC Bespoke commissions. Additional personalization options are also offered, including bespoke logos, names, and nationalities integrated into the suit’s design. Just like Mono’s custom-fit seat, the race suit is tailored specifically to the measurements of the driver for optimal performance and comfort.