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Early bird tickets for the inaugural Masters of Motoring supercar motor show with a collection of rare privately owned classics are now live.

With savings of up to £100 for the VIP ticket, this is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the beautiful setting of this historic house whilst taking in some of the worlds iconic cars and bikes – some you may not know, others enjoyed over the years.

We are honouring Gandini and will have the iconic Lamborghini Miura alongside one or two of his icons. With Shelby celebrating what would’ve been his 100th birthday, McLaren and Lamborghini are both 60 this year and the Porche 911 joins them in that too.

There are some beautiful cars and bikes entering and we’ll be brining you more over the coming weeks and months. Grab yourself a treat at our early bird rates today.

Corporate VIP entertainment at the Masters of Motoring

If you are looking for a corporate booking for your guests, please contact us directly.  Our partners and VIP lounge will have limited availability.