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Prominent car maker Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has revealed plans to relocate the production of its T.50 supercar to their recently completed Group headquarters in Highams Park, Surrey.

The new site has assumed production of the GMA T.50 supercar from its former facility at Dunsfold Park. This move will result in enhanced efficiency for T.50 manufacturing, while also allowing for streamlining of carbon fibre monocoque production for T.33 prototypes and future models at Dunsfold Park. These monocoques are crucial for development, testing, and homologation-related crash tests, and can now be produced on-site, expediting the pre-production process for the supercar.

The construction of the new Gordon Murray Group headquarters at Highams Park has brought in more than £50 million and has created a variety of specialized job positions to support full production. Serving as the global headquarters for the Group, the new campus features a purpose-built 4,300 square meter Vehicle Production Centre and houses the Gordon Murray Heritage collection. Adjacent to this is a specially-designed Vehicle Dynamics Test Road, utilized for final validation and pre-delivery inspections of new GMA supercars, all surrounded by 54 acres of picturesque English parkland. For those who choose to receive their cars at Highams Park, the new HQ also includes a dedicated Driving Perfection Customer Centre where customers can customize, arrange, and collect their GMA supercar.

Phillip Lee, CEO of Gordon Murray Group, expresses his excitement about the new Gordon Murray Automotive HQ at Highams Park. This shows their commitment and vision for the company’s future. He is pleased that they can now manufacture the T.50 and develop T.33 prototypes in one location, demonstrating efficiency and progress.

After relocating to Highams Park, the company is set to finish manufacturing 100 exclusive T.50 customer cars by 2024. Once this run is completed, the production of 25 track-only T.50s Niki Lauda models will commence. Following that, the team will shift their focus to building the T.33 coupe, followed by its open-top counterpart – the T.33 Spider – at the Highams Park Vehicle Production Centre.

Relocating to the new HQ promises to enhance our manufacturing processes significantly. The purpose-built facility will centralize logistics, parts supply, and testing. Furthermore, our supercar production teams will have access to cutting-edge technologies and a streamlined production layout, resulting in improved efficiency and collaboration across departments, as well as elevated production standards.

According to Mofid Elkemiri, CEO of Gordon Murray Automotive, relocating the production of our T.33 experimental prototype monocoques to the vacated Dunsfold Park facility will not only accelerate the program, but also greatly improve efficiency. Apparently the first three mule cars are already undergoing rigorous testing and the team anticipate being able to share more information about the prototype in the near future.

GMA plans to construct over 27 prototype models of the classically-designed T.33 coupe and Spider for pre-production testing and development purposes, such as evaluating chassis dynamics, aerodynamics, durability, performance, emissions, and achieving certification. The vehicle will be homologated for major markets worldwide, including Europe and the US. During the development process, the team will conduct over 30 crash tests using prototype cars.

At a mere 1,090 kg, the T.33 boasts the renowned “Driving Perfection” associated with the brand. This is achieved through meticulous precision, stunning craftsmanship, and a powerful 617 PS 3.9 litre Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine that can reach over 11,000 rpm. Following the T.50s production at Highams Park, GMA will release only 100 coupe and 100 Spider models to be enjoyed by owners worldwide.

Gordon Murray Automotive upholds a set of key brand values across its entire product line, including Driving Perfection, Lightweight design, Engineering Artistry, Premium Branding, A Return to Beauty, Exclusivity and The Customer Journey. To learn more about GMA’s supercars and their new headquarters in Highams Park, Surrey, please visit

About Gordon Murray Group

The British company Gordon Murray Group consists of two divisions: Gordon Murray Automotive and Gordon Murray Advanced Engineering.

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) is a renowned luxury brand with its headquarters in the UK, committed to producing the finest driving vehicles in the world. The T.50, T.50s, T.33, and T.33 Spider are examples of their ultra-exclusive supercars that are meticulously crafted for exceptional driving performance and unmatched driver engagement.

Gordon Murray Automotive upholds seven fundamental brand principles across all its products, including Driving Perfection, Lightweight construction, Engineered Artistry, a Premium Brand experience, Aesthetic Excellence, Exclusivity, and The Customer Journey.

Gordon Murray Automotive – the manufacturer of high-performance vehicles

Introducing the T.50: a driver-centric supercar featuring a central driving position and three seats. Equipped with active and fan-assisted aerodynamics, this supercar boasts a powerful 3.9 litre mid-mounted Cosworth GMA V12 engine capable of reaching 670 PS and revving up to 12,100 rpm. Its six-speed manual gearbox and lightweight dry weight of 997 kg make for an exhilarating ride. Don’t miss out on this limited production run of just 100 models.

With a solid 20-year track record as Technical Director for two Formula One teams in the span of 1969 to 1990, Gordon Murray possesses extensive knowledge in the areas of technical design and engineering. During his time at Brabham, he played a crucial role in securing two world championship titles in 1981 and 1983. He then went on to achieve three consecutive championship wins with McLaren Racing from 1988 to 1990. After a successful run of 50 Grand Prix victories, Gordon decided to venture out of Formula One and set up his own company within the group, known as McLaren Cars Limited.

The initial venture at McLaren Cars, the F1 road car, continues to be recognized as one of the most well-engineered vehicles globally. Its racing model achieved victories in two world sports car championships and the 1995 Le Mans 24-hour race. Subsequently, McLaren Cars accomplished various other prosperous undertakings, ultimately resulting in the production of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

After departing from McLaren in 2005, Gordon established Gordon Murray Design in 2007. The pioneering British company quickly emerged as a global frontrunner in automotive design, boasting an extensive range of in-house resources for design, prototyping, and development.

In 2017, Gordon Murray commemorated three significant milestones: the company’s 10-year anniversary at a special event called ‘One Formula’, the 25th production year of the iconic F1 road car, and his 50th year of design and engineering.

In recognition of his 50 years of work in the motorsport and automotive industries, Professor Gordon Murray was honored with the title of Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in May 2019. As the founder of Gordon Murray Automotive, he announced the T.50 supercar in 2019 and unveiled it to the public in 2020. He also oversaw the creation of other models such as the T.50s track car, which was revealed in 2021, and the T.33 coupe and spider, which were first shown in 2022 and 2023 respectively.