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Less than two-and-a-half years after the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 supercar was revealed, Gordon Murray has signed the carbon-fibre monocoque of the very first customer car to mark the beginning of assembly.

Limited edition

Strictly limited to 100 examples, T.50 will be hand-assembled at GMA’s Dunsfold facility with every car being absolutely unique to its owner with no two even having the same exterior paint colour.

Professor Gordon Murray CBE said: “From the very moment we announced T.50 – conceived to be the world’s most driver-centric supercar – I’ve been looking forward to this day. Designing and engineering the T.50 has been an incredible journey with much of the initial work completed during lockdown, so to witness the engineering art of the first customer car’s carbon-fibre monocoque ready for assembly, less than two-and-a-half years since reveal, is quite magical.

The team at Gordon Murray Automotive should be justly proud of what they have achieved, and I can’t wait to hear customers’ reactions when they take delivery of their cars.”

Lightweight is one of GMA’s seven core principals, and the carbon fibre monocoque at the heart of the T.50 is a key example of that ethos. The monocoque itself weighs only 107 kg, with the incredible V12 Cosworth GMA engine – delivering 665PS and capable of 12,100rpm – weighing just 178 kg. Every component that will be hand-fitted to the monocoque during assembly has been engineered with the same ethos, from the titanium throttle pedal to the 400mm carbon fibre fan at the rear of the car that helps increase downforce by 50%.

Global Service Centres

Delivering a Customer Journey second-to-none is another of GMA’s core principles, and as T.50 assembly begins a comprehensive Global Service Centre network has been announced. Headed by a Global Aftersales team, there are five Global Service Centres in select locations around the world: USA (East and West coasts), UK, Japan and Abu Dhabi. All are staffed by expert technicians trained by GMA to service, maintain and repair these bespoke-built cars.

Phillip Lee, Gordon Murray Group CEO, said: “As T.50 customer car assembly begins, and the GMA business continues to grow with T.50s and T.33 coupe also sold out, we are putting the final touches to our network of Global Service Centres around the world. Staffed by technicians trained to the same exacting standards as those here in the UK, these centres will provide servicing and maintenance support for all future GMA cars, wherever our customers are based, to ensure that our ethos of Driving Perfection is always delivered.”

The five Global Service Centres are supplemented by a network of 14 Service Support Centres, which are also staffed by expert technicians trained by GMA. When a customer takes their car to a specified Service Support Centre, GMA will either support the Service Support Centre or send its technicians to that centre to carry out whatever work is required on the car to the same exacting standards applied when it was hand-built.

The project is for sure an ambitious one and also welcome.  We love seeing these bespoke and unique cars coming to life and long may they continue.  Motoring is fun, not just a journey to be done so why not enjoy it.  We look forward to seeing Gordon Murray Automotive at future shows of the Masters of Motoring.