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Zenvo Automotive officially announces Aurora, a V12 hypercar, featuring a modular design chassis with carbon monocoque and carbon subframes, plus Zenvo’s own gearbox with integrated hybrid drive. The all-new Aurora solidifies the Danish brands long-term growth ambitions and I look forward to seeing them.

At the heart of Aurora will be an all-new 6-litre, twin turbo, V12 engine. Aurora Tur will deliver a road focused, GT driving experience with a limited top speed of over 400kmh, while Agil will feature more aggressive aero designed for maximum capability on the racetrack. Both cars will focus more on driving engagement than headline numbers.

High-profile commercial partnerships will be revealed as Zenvo Automotive head towards the global reveal of Aurora this August and no doubt a waiting list is already forming for these cars before they’re made.

Today is a very proud moment in the company’s history, Zenvo’s chief commercial officer and chairman of the board, Jens Sverdrup said: “It is a remarkable honour to direct our growing team, as we undertake the most exciting phase in the history of the company. This car has come from the passion that runs deep in the Zenvo family and very much aligns with our ethos of ‘smiles per mile’. 2023 is going to be a truly exciting year.”

We look forward to seeing the results – so far Zenvo haven’t disappointed only maybe in that there are so few made, they’re virtually unobtainable but then…that’s part of the appeal too isn’t it?