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Exciting news for car enthusiasts and motoring lovers! Car Show Boards is teaming up with Masters of Motoring for a must-see event in 2024. This highly anticipated event will take place at Castle Combe and Bowood House on June 1st and 2nd, promising an unparalleled experience. Known for their expertly crafted car show boards, Car Show Boards will enhance the automotive showcase by offering a special opportunity to showcase the captivating tales behind each remarkable vehicle.

Not simply visually appealing exhibits, car show boards act as a conduit connecting the cars with their devoted admirers. Through providing in-depth facts and compelling anecdotes, these boards elevate the spectator experience by bringing them on a captivating journey through the individuality and rich background of each featured vehicle.

Working in tandem with individuals, clubs, events, and businesses, Mark Baker of Car Show Boards uses his creative prowess to produce top-notch designs and artwork. These stunning pieces not only capture the elegance of the cars, but also tell their unique tales. Mark specialises in cultivating a profound bond between enthusiasts and their beloved vehicles, elevating each car from a mere mechanical wonder to a cherished gem.

“I am thrilled to team up with Masters of Motoring for their 2024 gathering at Castle Combe and Bowood House,” shares Mark Baker, founder of Car Show Boards. “Our boards offer a distinct and captivating means for car aficionados to connect with their beloved vehicles. They go beyond showcasing the cars’ beauty to tell their individual stories, resulting in a deeper and more memorable experience for all.”

Guests at the Masters of Motoring 2024 gathering will have the unique opportunity to personally meet Mark Baker and experience firsthand his exceptional work with Car Show Boards. For those unable to attend, comprehensive instructions and resources for initiating the creation of a customized car show board can be accessed on the official website,

Don’t pass up on the opportunity to bring your love for automobiles to life through the captivating artistry and narrative of Car Show Boards. Be sure to attend the Masters of Motoring 2024 event for a truly unforgettable journey.