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Masters of Motoring display paddocks expanding

The Masters of Motoring display paddocks are expanding this year, bringing even more automotive wonders for enthusiasts to feast their eyes upon. This thrilling development means that attendees will have a wider array of breathtaking vehicles and exhibits to explore than ever before.

From classic cars that have stood the test of time in the Masters of Time to cutting-edge supercars pushing the boundaries of speed and performance in the Supercar Paddock, the expanded paddocks promise an even bigger and more exciting display from across the ages including modern day delights. Whether you’re a fan of vintage automobiles or modern marvels, there’s something here to ignite your passion for motoring.

But it’s not just about the cars themselves – the extended paddock displays offer a unique opportunity to learn about the rich history and fascinating stories behind these mechanical masterpieces. Engaging with knowledgeable experts who can share insights into each vehicle’s design, engineering, and racing heritage is an invaluable experience for any true car enthusiast.

With each passing year, organisers strive to curate an unforgettable lineup that appeals to all tastes and interests. From iconic Formula 1 racers that once dominated the tracks to legendary endurance machines that conquered grueling races like Le Mans, every corner of motorsport history is represented in these expanding paddocks.

So get ready to be amazed as you wander through rows upon rows of automotive excellence. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of horsepower as you soak up everything these extended paddock displays have to offer at this year’s Masters of Motoring event!

Introduction to the Masters of Motoring event

The Masters of Motoring event is a highly anticipated gathering for car enthusiasts . Held at two venues (Castle Combe Circuit on the 1st June and Bowood House & Gardens on the 2nd June), this event showcases some of the most iconic and powerful vehicles in the automotive industry. From classic cars to modern supercars, there is something for everyone at the Masters of Motoring.

With its extensive range of paddock displays, this event truly offers a unique experience for attendees. Paddock displays are an integral part of any motorsport event, providing spectators with an up-close look at their favorite vehicles and teams. It’s like being right in the heart of all the action!

And now, there’s even more excitement with the addition of Masters of Rallying. This new segment brings together legendary rally cars that have left their mark on motorsport history. From Group B monsters to current WRC contenders, fans will get to witness these incredible machines in all their glory.

Looking back at previous editions, there have been some remarkable highlights from extended paddock displays. Whether it’s seeing rare vintage cars restored to perfection or getting a glimpse into cutting-edge technology used in racing today, each display offers a captivating experience.

If you’re planning on attending the Masters of Motoring and exploring the extended paddock displays yourself, here are a few tips to make your visit even more enjoyable:

1) Plan your schedule: With so much to see and do at the event, it’s important to plan your day ahead. Take note of any specific times for demonstrations or special appearances you don’t want to miss. They’ll be announced as we approach the show so stay tuned to our social media and email newsletters.

2) Bring comfortable shoes: You’ll be doing quite a bit of walking as you navigate through various paddocks and exhibitions. Comfortable shoes will ensure you can explore without any discomfort.

3) Engage with experts: Many exhibitors and team members are passionate about what they do and love sharing their knowledge with others. Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations and ask questions – it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the cars and motorsports.

4) Capture the moments: Whether it’s with an iphone or camera, enjoy the day whether its from the live track day at Castle Combe on the 1st June or the Concours/VIP showcase at Bowood House & Gardens on the 2nd June – it’s a motoring event not to be missed!