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According to Milltek Sport, the BMW G-Series models and their variations equipped with BMW B58 and S58 Engines have experienced the most significant increase in demand in 2023 among their range of applications.

This year, the Derby-based company marked its 40th anniversary. To meet this increased demand, they increased production of their current systems and also created new applications for the newest editions of the 2, 3 and 4 Series models.

Some other notable exhaust options now available are for the BMW M2 G87, M3 Touring, M340i, X3M and M240i xDrive. These join the current systems offered for the BMW M3 Competition and BMW M4 Competition.

Being among the initial buyers of the M2 and M3 Touring, Milltek Sport engineered improved stainless steel systems for both vehicles at its state-of-the-art R&D center. As a result, the enhanced exhausts with increased airflow were released within weeks of the two performance BMWs debuting on UK streets.

The demand for BMW G-Series systems was so high that in 2023, over 6,000 units were sold, with approximately 4,000 going to the newly released M2.

These exhausts were even shipped to distant locations such as Australia, China, Sweden, Taiwan and the USA.

According to Steve Pound, Managing Director of Milltek Sport, while cars such as the latest Civic Type R and Lotus Emira have been released this year, it is the BMW G-Series models that have captured the attention of tuners and modifiers in 2023. These vehicles present exciting opportunities for tuning, and we have been pleased to assist numerous owners in utilizing this potential.

We have strong faith in this market and have taken steps to speed up our system development. This includes purchasing our own vehicles for testing, like the M2 being available at both our UK and USA operations.

Milltek Sport, provide a range of exhaust options for BMW G-Series vehicles with offerings including both EC-approved road systems and track-only versions with sports cats. With over 30 variations available for the M2 exhaust alone, there are plenty of ways to personalize the car and with pricing for G-Series exhausts starting at £2628.79 (incl. vat for an ECE-approved Axle Back G87 M2 system) clearly the owners have taken their own steps to modify their rides.

Demonstrating the continued popularity of hot hatches, Milltek’s best-selling products of 2023 featured upgrades for the GR Yaris, Fiesta ST (both Mk7 and Mk8 models), and R53 Mini Cooper S. Close behind were modifications for the Golf GTI and Audi RS3.

Recent developments have shown an increase in the need for advanced systems in luxurious vehicles, like the Porsche 911. This is particularly evident among owners of models older than a decade, who seek a cost-effective and improved alternative to the original.

The Milltek Sport exhausts provide enhancements in aesthetics, sound, and performance compared to standard systems. In addition, they allow for additional tuning options and seamlessly attach to the original fittings, following the same path as factory systems.

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Background of Miltek Sport

Established in the United Kingdom in 1983 by a passionate auto aficionado, Milltek Sport has since achieved worldwide recognition as a top producer of high-performance exhaust systems for an ever-growing variety of cars.

Based in Derby, UK, Milltek Sport has a development and testing centre near the renowned Nürburgring race circuit in Germany and a newly established facility in Tennessee, USA. Using cutting-edge equipment, the company designs, develops, and tests their own range of exhaust systems at these locations.

Milltek Sport offers exhaust systems tailored to both high-performance and luxury vehicles.

In addition, they also offer their signature OEM+ range for a variety of beloved models from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, staying true to their roots.