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The serene South Island of New Zealand was recently filled with the captivating sound of the Rodin Cars FZERO hypercar. After being introduced to the public last year, the New Zealand-designed-and-built hypercar has now entered its testing and development phase.

The FZERO is making its track debut and the prototype is currently in the testing phase on the track.

Ongoing testing of the Rodin Cars 4.0-litre V10 RC.TEN engine, designed by Rodin Cars, is still underway.

Rodin Cars will be showcasing their RC.TEN vehicle at the Performance Racing Industry Show alongside LINK Engine Management in Indianapolis during December of 2023. Additionally, there will be a potential opportunity to purchase a crate engine.

The FZERO’s debut on the brand’s test track marks a significant achievement for both the project and Rodin Cars as a whole. After the successful development of their FZED open-wheel, single-seat track car, Rodin Cars has now set their sights even higher with the ambitious FZERO.

Located in the stunning South Island of New Zealand, the FZERO project was meticulously crafted at Rodin Cars’ cutting-edge facility near Mount Lyford. Housing three specialized test circuits and a state-of-the-art production center, this site is a true testament to our dedication. David Dicker, the mastermind behind Rodin Cars and creator of the bespoke twin-turbocharged V10 engine powering the FZERO, is not only a technology mogul but also an avid racing enthusiast.

Mr Dicker himself got behind the wheel of the FZERO for its debut and was thoroughly impressed with both its performance and durability. He expressed his pride in the team at Rodin Cars for successfully bringing this project to fruition. The initial test was a success, allowing us to progress through our planned program. We are eagerly looking forward to the next phase of the FZERO project, as it is truly one-of-a-kind.

Following multiple installation laps, the FZERO made a return to Rodin Cars’ pit complex for debriefing and system checks. The hypercar then resumed its presence on the circuit for the remainder of the day, marking the beginning of numerous crucial development kilometers.

During their lunch break, numerous Rodin Cars employees gathered around the track to witness the FZERO in motion. Emma Duncan, General Manager of Rodin Cars, described the event as an inspiring one. According to Duncan, watching the FZERO speed around the circuit was a display of exceptional engineering and a true masterpiece. This marks a significant milestone for the future of Rodin Cars.

The FZERO hypercar boasts incredible performance and dynamism with its closed-cockpit design, posing a formidable challenge to top track-only hypercars such as those from Aston Martin, Gordon Murray Automotive, and Mercedes-AMG. Its main goal is to offer a one-of-a-kind driving experience that connects with the intense feelings of speed and visceral performance.

The FZERO boasts a twin-turbo V10 engine, created by none other than Rodin Cars’ CEO and founder David Dicker. This impressive RC.TEN engine generates 1013bhp (755kW) at 9500rpm with a boost of 11psi. Additionally, a naturally aspirated version of the RC.TEN is currently in progress. With the RC.TEN under its hood, the FZERO can reach an impressive top speed of 360km/h.

Following the completion of two prototype engines at Neil Brown Engineering in the UK, Rodin Cars has now brought the RC.TEN development and production in-house. Additionally, they have exciting plans to make the RC.TEN available as a crate motor option for motorsport purposes.