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The revolutionary T.50 from Gordon Murray Automotive has been crowned the Hypercar of the Year at the 2023 Awards, solidifying its position as one of the most coveted honors in the automotive world alongside the Great British Motor Show Motoring Awards. This achievement is a testament to Professor Gordon Murray CBE and his team’s ability to create the ultimate driving machine with a focus on purity, lightness, and driver-centric design.  I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.

he T.50 is truly in a league of its own, with a unique combination of outstanding features. Its 3.9-litre GMA V12 engine, conceptualized by Gordon and built by Cosworth, holds the title of being the lightest, highest revving, and most power dense naturally aspirated engine in the world. Additionally, its aerodynamics are unrivaled and set new standards for road cars. As a result, the T.50 has revolutionized the supercar and hypercar industries on a global scale. Recently, Top Gear granted it a prestigious 10/10 rating and declared it to be “the best driver’s car in the world,” leading to its well-deserved recognition as ‘Hypercar of the Year.’

Professor Gordon Murray, CBE “From the inception of the T.50 project, my team’s unwavering determination was to create a car that would deliver a wholly immersive driving experience the like of which the world had not seen before. From the Cosworth GMA V12 engine, which revs to 12,100rpm, to the 400mm rear-mounted fan, which boosts ground effect by fifty per cent, no detail was spared in pursuit of our goal. Receiving the ‘Hypercar of the Year’ award from Top Gear validates our mission to create the world’s greatest drivers’ car and represents an extraordinary moment for the incredibly talented team at GMA which has put their heart, soul and world-class talent into this car.”

Ollie Marriage, Head of Car Testing – BBC Top Gear, said: “The T.50’s engineering rigour is endlessly relevant. There’s no flab in this 997kg three-seater and none in its thinking – it’s wonderfully clear-minded. How refreshing to find a car that knows exactly what it’s for and presents itself so clearly. The T.50 is a car for the driver, it doesn’t have a second role or a backup plan. It just puts the driver smack in the centre of things, immerses them in the entire experience and lets them get on with it. Sounds simple. It isn’t.”

It certainly attracts in the headlines and is a great award, well done to the team.  It would be great to see and drive in the flesh so when the opportunity arrises, I’ll let you know.