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McLaren has unveiled the new GTS, the latest addition to their line-up and a successor to the GT. This super-lightweight vehicle is designed for those who, the company say, crave the unrivaled performance and thrill of driving a McLaren, while also seeking the comfort and space necessary for everyday use and long trips.  We’ll take a further look into the information put out by McLaren and I have to be honest, on first glance, I must confess I rather like the new look.

The new GTS maintains the key elements that make McLaren stand out: stunning looks, yet practical design, a top-of-the-line power-to-weight ratio thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre construction and one-of-a-kind monocoque chassis, and, they claim, unparalleled driving performance. Additionally, it boasts a more striking appearance and a wider range of options for both the exterior and interior. All sounds good on paper and looks good in the images.

While the elegant exterior of the GT serves as the foundation for its aerodynamic design, the GTS boasts new visual upgrades that make it even more striking. The ‘hammerhead’ signature style at the front has been refreshed with a redesigned lower bumper, featuring more prominent and wider air intakes to increase airflow into the car’s radiator system. To enhance its aggressive appearance, gloss carbon fibre options are available for both the front intake air blades and rear fender air scoops – a nod to McLaren’s racing heritage. These enhancements are not just for show; they also serve a functional purpose by allowing more air to flow into the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

Updated choice of interior upholsteries now includes Softgrain Aniline Leather seats with double-piping pattern and new contrast stitching

The GTS boasts muscular visuals and surfacing, including a sizeable rear diffuser and dual exhausts. These dual exhausts are part of an optional package that allows you to experience a fierce supercar soundtrack on request through the Sports Exhaust system and why not go for the upgrade?

The GTS model features a sleek gloss black design on the exhaust finisher, mirror caps, and window surrounds as standard for a discreet look. For those who want to take it a step further, the Stealth Badge Pack option allows for black tinted GTS badging, including new side badges. Additionally, there are options for visual carbon fibre accents such as an underbody pack that covers the front splitter, side skirts, and rear bumper lower and diffuser. Other exterior elements like the front air intake blades, rear fender air intakes, and mirror caps can also be customised with a carbon fibre finish. Our recent post on customisation and modifications being the ‘in thing’ why just go standard, if indeed a GTS can be considered standard?

The GTS utilises the carbon fibre MonoCell II-T monocoque chassis for its strong and ultra-lightweight construction, essential for a mid-engine McLaren supercar. Its standard roof, made from recycled carbon fibre, is just one example of the weight-saving measures incorporated throughout the car’s design to enhance performance and handling. These choices play a critical role in providing an exhilarating and lightweight driving experience without sacrificing ride quality or enduring excessive noise, harshness, or vibration they say.

4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine now produces 635PS, an increase of 15PS over the GT

Weighing in at 1,520kg (DIN), the GTS stands out as the lightest car in its class and boasts an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 418PS per-tonne. Its V8 M840TE 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine packs a punch with 635PS at 7,500rpm – that’s 15PS more than before thanks to enhanced combustion phasing and ignition timing. Standard launch control propels the GTS from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in just 3.2 seconds and from 0-200km/h (0-124mph) in only 8.9 seconds. And if you’re wondering about top speed, it’s a whopping 326km/h (203mph).

The GTS features a seven-speed SSG transmission that offers seamless and rapid shifts in its default Comfort mode, allowing for both relaxed and swift acceleration. For a more thrilling supercar experience, drivers can access two additional driving modes – Sport and Track – through the Active Dynamics Panel. Sport mode increases the intensity and speed of gearshifts with the use of ignition-spark-cut technology. In Track mode, the gearbox is optimized for maximum performance while minimizing torque loss between shifts. Paddle shifters on the steering wheel allow for manual control of gear changes in all drive modes.

The GTS boasts exclusive features such as the electro-hydraulic steering system, standard adaptive suspension with proactive damping control, and a robust carbon ceramic braking system. These components work together to enhance the mid-mounted V8 engine’s performance and the car’s lightweight design. This results in an exhilarating supercar driving experience that prioritizes balance and agility without sacrificing comfort and ride quality when necessary.

The GTS’s steering offers unparalleled feedback and sensation, surpassing that of its competitors. It boasts an exceptionally precise and correct response, with the added feature of automatically increasing assistance at slower speeds for a smoother experience when performing low-speed maneuvers like parallel or bay parking.

Enhanced exterior design introduces an even more assertive appearance; higher level of standard specification includes new exterior components finished in gloss black

McLaren Automotive’s chosen supplier for their official Intelligent Suspension, Monroe, provides twin-valve hydraulic dampers that are an essential component of the lightweight aluminium double-wishbone suspension. These dampers utilize adaptive technology, known as Proactive Damper Control, which allows for changes in suspension behavior depending on which of the three Active Dynamics modes – Comfort, Sport or Track – is selected. This allows for a range of performance options, from a comfortable and relaxed ride in Comfort mode to more aggressive and responsive damper control in Track mode for those seeking a dynamic driving experience.

The GTS is at ease in city settings as well. Its front visibility is superb, and its large glass tailgate, glazed C-pillars, and rear quarter windows provide excellent rearward views. The vehicle lift function can increase the underbody ground clearance from 110mm to 130mm. Compared to the GT’s system, the GTS vehicle lift can now raise or lower the nose in just four seconds, which is over twice as fast as before.

Thanks to the carbon fibre rear upper structure of its monocoque chassis, the McLaren GTS offers an expansive and flexible luggage area behind the passenger cell. This 420-litre capacity space can be easily accessed through a front-hinged, full-length glass tailgate that opens and closes electronically with a smooth soft close function. In addition, there is another 150 litres of storage located in the car’s nose. With a total cargo space of 570 litres, the McLaren GTS stands out as the most practical option among new supercars on the market.

In line with the GTS’s inherent practicality, its interior seamlessly combines performance and luxury. Whether embarking on a long-distance journey or pushing the car to its limits, the cabin offers both comfort and a prime vantage point for the driver to fully utilize the car’s impressive dynamic abilities.

The sophisticated interior of the vehicle boasts a blend of carefully chosen materials that exude both performance and luxury. Throughout the cabin, you will find precision-engineered aluminium switches and controls, as well as glossy black accents on the infotainment screen, gear selector, air vent housings, and window switches. To add a touch of visual flair, there is also an available carbon fibre package that includes a satin finish for the steering wheel clasp and extended gearshift paddles, as well as interior and sill finishers adorned with McLaren branding.

In addition, the GTS now offers a new 10-spoke Turbine lightweight forged alloy wheel in various finishes such as Silver, Gloss Black, Gloss Black with Diamond Cut effect, and Orum. The standard wheel for this model is a 10-twin-spoke forged alloy version, available in Silver, Gloss Black, or Gloss Black Diamond Cut, with an option for an exclusive Tungsten color. Both wheel styles can be paired with optional titanium locking bolts which are significantly lighter than the standard ones, resulting in reduced unsprung mass. Furthermore, the GTS comes equipped with high-performance P ZERO™ tyres from our technical partner Pirelli. These tyres are specially designed for this model to provide unparalleled levels of both grip and refinement.

The McLaren GTS offers a three-year vehicle warranty with unlimited mileage, as well as paint and anti-perforation warranties of three and ten years, respectively. This model is also eligible for the McLaren Extended Warranty, available in 12- or 24-month increments for a maximum coverage of 12 years. The package also includes servicing for three years through the McLaren Service Plan.

The new GTS joins McLaren’s evolving line-up in 2024 and beyond as a successful and practical lightweight supercar.

Additional details on the latest McLaren GTS can be found on their website.