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Rolls-Royce Motor Carshas today to introduced the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection, drawing inspiration they say, from the rare and enchanting event of a solar eclipse.   These stunning cars seemingly teasing us as they’re already sold!

These magnificent creations harness the powerful energies of this celestial occurrence, delving into the fascinating contrast between light and shadow, capturing the breathtaking instant when the Moon fully eclipses the Sun. It all sounds poetic but what is the car really like?

The Rolls-Royce Ghost, enhanced by the rebellious Black Badge essence, provides the perfect medium for the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective to unleash their creativity and showcase the magnificence of this marvel. They are well renowned for this and lets face it, they do it well.

The release of these exclusive custom-made vehicles, with a limited quantity of only 25 available, coincides with the annular solar eclipse that will be visible in certain areas of the Western Hemisphere on October 14th.

The striking Lyrical Copper exterior colour of the motor car perfectly captures the captivating light of a total solar eclipse. This exquisite Bespoke finish incorporates powdered copper pigment, initially appearing deep and mysterious until it glimmers in the sunlight, revealing a stunning iridescence. The Pantheon Grille inserts and brake callipers are adorned with a vivid Mandarin shade, reminiscent of the intense bursts of sunlight seen during an eclipse. This same bold hue is also featured in a hand-painted coachline that delicately depicts the transition from light to darkness as the Moon moves into position to obscure the Sun.

Theatre at every step

The Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis boasts, they say, a unique fully Bespoke Starlight Headliner, featuring an eye-catching animation inspired by the eclipse that is sure to leave passengers in awe. As the doors close and the engine roars to life, the ‘stars’ within the headliner dim and begin a captivating sequence, imitating the moment of a total solar eclipse when the Moon darkens the Sun. A cluster of 940 ‘stars’ forms a glowing circle, resembling the bright corona surrounding the silhouette of the Moon. This is then encircled by an additional 192 illuminated ‘stars’, perfectly replicating the otherworldly spectacle of daylight stars during a solar eclipse.

The animation stays on for exactly seven minutes and 31 seconds, the maximum length of a total solar eclipse. After this time, the full array of ‘stars’ in the night sky reappears. This intricate aspect took one year of meticulous work by the Bespoke Collective, who created three prototypes to achieve the flawless design and sequence of the ‘stars’.

The luminous fascia and elegant ‘diamond ring’ timepiece.

The Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis features an illuminated fascia with a symbolic timeline of a total eclipse, created by 1,846 laser-etched ‘stars’. The responsibility for adjusting the size and position of each ‘star’ fell solely on a single Bespoke designer, resulting in a mesmerizing effect. This delicate and precise task required over 100 hours to complete.

The pinnacle of the collection is a one-of-a-kind timepiece, featuring a stunning 0.5-carat diamond. Inspired by the “Diamond Ring” phenomenon, where the Moon’s silhouette creates a brilliant burst of light just before and after covering the Sun, this flawless gem has been meticulously incorporated into the bezel design. This marks a milestone for Rolls-Royce, as it is the first time they have integrated a precious stone into a clock. Stringent adhesion tests were carried out to ensure the diamond’s secure placement, subjecting it to extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +90°C. The final touch is an exquisite etching on the dark aluminium surround, revealing the shining metal beneath. This exquisite piece of modern artistry represents over 14 iterations of design refinement and excellence.

Experience a breathtaking sunset from the comfort of this stunning interior.

During a solar eclipse’s totality, observers are enveloped in a golden twilight that creates the illusion of a full sunset in every direction. In the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis, this breathtaking event is immortalized through bi-colored seats featuring an intricate perforated design composed of over 200,000 individual perforations.

The striking Mandarin leather is dyed in a dark hue and punctured to uncover a vibrant contrasting tone, resulting in a visually dynamic and subtle look. With the aid of computational design tools, the Bespoke Collective crafted an exclusive pattern that underwent seven rounds of manual refinement.

Tailored details offered for personalization consist of lit treadplates, custom-designed umbrellas discreetly stowed in the coach doors, and an exclusive interior car cover featuring the Private Collection’s logo.

The entire batch of 25 Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection vehicles have been designated to customers across the globe.