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We are now just days away from the inaugural Masters of Motoring Supercar & Classic Collectors Motor Show and being Father’s Day, there’s an even better excuse to make the day special.

Entries in the display of the show fit into a variety of Paddocks including Masters of Time – The Classics, Masters of Speed, the Masters of Modified and our Honours and Supercar displays.

During the show, a number of judges will be working their way around the show selecting winners in each category for Special Awards and a category Winner.

In addition to winning an award that has been designed with the Masters of Motoring in mind, the overall winner will also receive a paint correction and ceramic coating of their car or bike worth £1295 from our partners Sportcar Protection – the Professional Detailers.

All vehicles in the show will be judged so if you’re not booked in already, come and join in at the Father’s Day Paddock which is open online.


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