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The Nürburgring-Nordschleife has received much attention since its inaugural race. This legendary 20.83-kilometre track winds through Germany’s Eifel Forest and has proven challenging for both amateur and professional drivers seeking to master it and shave off precious seconds. Featuring over 150 corners, including well-known names like Bergwerk, Fuchsröhre, Schwedenkreuz, and Flugplatz, the starting gantry marks the beginning of an exclusive journey reserved for a chosen few.

The McLaren P1, also known as the ‘holy trinity’ member, boasts an impressive list of accomplishments. During its launch in 2013, Ron Dennis, also known as ‘Mr McLaren’, declared that the hypercar had to break the 7-minute barrier in order to be considered a success. This was due to its purpose of being the fastest car on both road and track, despite tough competition from Maranello and Stuttgart at the time. Just 10 months later, McLaren revealed that they had successfully met this challenge with one of their prototypes, P1-‘XP2R’. This achievement was just one part of their performance benchmarking process; no further details were given except for the confirmation that all performance objectives had been accomplished. As expected, this news caused a stir among internet forums.


Ten years after its debut from McLaren Automotive, the ground-breaking prototype XP2R emerges once again, revealed from a private collection and placed in the care of the Sub7 Collection team.


Sub7 Collection, led by Jamie Weir, offers top-notch services in managing and sourcing exclusive vehicles for its clients. From overseeing private car collections to assisting with high-value purchases and sales of premium super and hypercars, Sub7 Collection caters to individual vehicle acquisitions as well as personalized collection maintenance. As a veteran of the luxury automotive industry, Weir’s impressive background includes playing a significant role in managing customers during his tenure at McLaren P1.

The McLaren P1 was the ideal choice to launch the Sub7 Collection and became a distinguished member of the sub-7-minute club. It remains a standout project for McLaren Automotive, with only 375 models produced and a few additional prototypes used for testing and validation. After the production run ended, a select group of clients were given the chance to purchase a limited number of special vehicles that were crucial in the development of this exceptional car.

Initially known as eXperimental Prototype 2, XP2R was an early development model for the innovative project. Before its public debut, it sported a racetrack camouflage and underwent rigorous testing, such as vMax attempts, Pirelli tire evaluations, Akebono brake system approval, active aerodynamics experiments, Race Mode implementation, and damper tuning. In June of 2013, as the project garnered more attention, XP2R was given a full coat of paint. It made another appearance at Nürburgring during the final stages of development, in preparation for an upcoming laptime attempt.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in genuine racecars, especially those with authentic racing backgrounds. XP2R is a prime example, boasting one of the most talked about histories among specific roadcars. It was fully recommissioned by McLaren Automotive after completing its rigorous development program and still bears its prototype labels. The sleek Supernova Silver metallic bodywork and stealth wheels add to its unique appearance. As part of the owner’s private collection, XP2R comes with a range of spare parts, including an extra set of carbon fibre bodywork. These have been used to create a complete silhouette vehicle that closely resembles the original prototype, save for differently colored brake calipers used during testing.

What is necessary to attain sub-7 status? The Nordschleife, or ‘North Loop’, poses a distinct challenge, requiring the car to maintain an average speed exceeding 111mph. And this is no easy task, particularly considering the tight and winding corners that force speeds down to the tens, greatly affecting the overall average. To accomplish this feat demands unwavering commitment and confidence in the vehicle from the driver throughout the entire lap.

Sub7 Collection is now dedicated to providing clients with unwavering commitment and trust as they pursue the acquisition, sale, and upkeep of the world’s most exclusive, rare, and valuable vehicles.

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